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  • Very helpful & always professional.
    Todd & Associates were very helpful and always professional as we went through the bankruptcy process. From the first consultation, Todd reassured me that the process and fee would be exactly what he disclosed. He was correct. Thanks to all at The Wagner Law Office.

    - Ronald C.

  • Todd Wagner and his team were amazing.
    I am a disabled veteran that due to my disability left me hopeless! Todd Wagner and his team were amazing. They helped me through everything I needed and made me feel confident for my court appearance. Thank you for everything guys!

    - Brent L.

  • Highly recommend the Todd Wagner Law Office.
    Life sometimes puts us in a situation that's totally out of our control. I am so glad I came to Todd who made this process go smoothly. He is professional, easy to talk to, right to the point, and friendly. I highly recommend Todd Wagner Law Office.

    - Cindy H.

  • I really appreciate Todd.
    My husband filed with Todd Wagner and the entire process was very easy. We were prepared throughout and knew what to expect. Even during the covid shutdown, communication was consistent. I really appreciate Todd and I would recommend him to anyone considering his services.

    - Leeah J.

  • Worth every penny!
    Wagner Law Office helped me with the process of getting back to being financially responsible. I couldn’t have had a better experience and I’m so thankful for his services and all the help I got. The price you will pay for this is worth every penny if you need to get back on track.

    - Justin T.

  • Saved my life.
    Todd Wagner & his crew Andrea & Emily just helped me finish an 11-year ordeal where I was T-boned by an uninsured driver, in 2009 at 65 mph as I was turning left at an intersection nightmare. I was hit so hard I wasn't quite right faculty wise and Todd Wagner was so kind. I struggled until 2014 when I searched out the Wagner Law Office. I have 5 daughters and 6 grandchildren, some live with me, I want you to know you saved my life. Now I'm paid off. Todd Wagner was absolutely priceless. Just a saving grace. Thank you. They've been so nice and helpful, I'm gonna miss them. They're a righteous, caring, gifted, genius group that knows your situation. Thank God! You will too, I promise.

    - Donald P.

  • Made the whole process seamless
    Todd and his team made the whole process seamless. Any communication was detailed and they were responsive within 24hrs with any questions. What was an overwhelming life choice, was made easier by this team.

    - Kelly H.

  • Friendly & respectful.

    Mr. Wagner and his team were amazing. It was a difficult time for me and they were great about walking me through the process in a friendly and respectful way. I highly recommend working with them.

    - Jeff C.

  • Smooth & stress-free.

    Todd and his team made the bankruptcy process very smooth and stress-free. I would highly recommend Wagner Law Office!

    - April H.

  • Choose the Wagner Law Office!

    Working with Todd and his team was a great experience! Obviously, no one wants to file for bankruptcy, but life happens. Each time my wife and I spoke and met with Todd, it felt like we were with one of our friends. Todd is a genuinely great person and full of knowledge. Any question we had Todd and his team had the answer right away. Even during the court process, everyone from the security guards to the trustee knew him by name and appeared to know him on a personal level and with respect. As stated, Todd and his team were full of knowledge and helped a stressful situation turn into a relaxed stress-free time. I recommend that if you're researching for lawyers now, stop and choose the Wagner Law Office!

    - John