What Will My Bankruptcy Cost Me?

How Much Does It Cost to File Bankruptcy in Colorado?

The costs to file bankruptcy in Colorado depends on which Chapter you are filing for:

The bankruptcy court allows the Chapter 7 fee to be paid in installments. In addition, if you are eligible, you may have fees for either Chapter s be waived if your family's income falls below a certain level.

The Cost of Filing Chapter 13 With Wagner Law Office, P.C.

The cost of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a different matter because there are various reasons why someone files for Chapter 13. Those various reasons can increase or decrease the amount that would need to be charged. Until our experienced bankruptcy attorneys have sat down and discussed with you the particular details of your issues, we wouldn’t know how difficult your case would be and what time and expertise would be required by our staff.

Common reasons why people file Chapter 13 bankruptcy:

  • Catching up mortgage payments
  • Removing a second mortgage from the home
  • Paying tax debts
  • Keeping an asset you would have lost in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
  • Divorce debts/obligations
  • Too much income

Wagner Law Office Rates for Filing Chapter 7

Wagner Law Office P.C. offers reasonable rates for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

The fees are largely dependent upon two questions:

  1. Are you filing by yourself or with a spouse?
  2. What is your income?

Our fees for Chapter 7 filing:

  • The Attorney Fee for a single person filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy is as low as $1,000.
  • The Attorney Fee for a married couple filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy is as low as $1,200.

Are Other Bankruptcy Lawyers Advertising Cheaper Prices for Their Services?

You bet there are lots of them. However, there are many reasons not to hire the cheapest person you can find. By hiring Wagner Law Office, P.C., you’ll get an experienced bankruptcy attorney who will ensure that your case is accurately filed, that your assets are protected, and that you are informed as to your obligations and the procedure to expect.

In the end, you want a fair price for a job well done and you want an affordable bankruptcy attorney to provide those services. The idea is that you don’t file for bankruptcy very often. If you need to file, then do it right. Find someone who is going to be fair and will work hard for you.

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