Is Your Home Already in Foreclosure?

The foreclosure of a debtor’s family home is one of the main reasons bankruptcy is filed. Keeping the home is usually a priority for the debtor and the filing of a bankruptcy can provide the debtor with the leverage he did not possess prior to the filing. In other words, a debtor may be more likely to get the mortgage company to work with him after the bankruptcy filing when he takes away its ability to sue him for any money damages.

If you are behind with your mortgage payment or your home is already in foreclosure, there are numerous, impending deadlines you must be aware of. The filing of a bankruptcy, whether it is a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, can provide you with various opportunities you did not have before; however, you should obtain prior, legal advice if you want to preserve those rights. Early bankruptcy planning is essential and the bankruptcy attorneys at Wagner Law Office know how to put you and your family on the right path.