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Jul 18, 2013 by Melinda G

Words cannot describe how amazing Todd and his staff are. I was deeply in debt, creditors were calling me nonstop, my bank account was about to get garnished and foreclosure of my home was in the horizon. I kept trying to dig myself out of a financial hole to no avail. In fact, I was digger myself deeper and deeper. At my first meeting with Todd, he put me right at ease. As you can imagine, filing for bankruptcy is not an easy decision but Todd and his staff offer you the support and guidance you need. They are quick to return phone calls or emails and walk you through the entire process. Todd’s paralegal, Emily, always had the correct answer and was always friendly- no matter how dumb the question. Finally they were reasonably priced. Other law firms should take note of Wagner Law Office’s ethics, practices and client relations!

Jun 29, 2013 by Paula Marlatt

All we can say is thank you all very much. We are kissing those banks goodbye in every way possible. We so appreciate becoming free from those parasites! It's time for a new banking system where we the people print the gold backed money and our interest payments bring goods and services to the people of our country. We checked the human box. Thank you Todd and family!

Their knowledge, ease and professionalism decreased our stress levels

May 23, 2013 by Ben H.

"Todd, Jesse, and Emily were absolutely outstanding in helping us through a process that can otherwise be painful and drawn out. Their knowledge, ease and professionalism decreased our stress levels because we knew they were on top of our case. We asked many many questions and they knew the answers right away and guided us step by step until our court date. On the day of our court appearance, it seemed as though their firm was MUCH more organized than others and once again we were delighted that we chose to work with them. Prices were extremely fair as well. If you are searching for someone to help you through this process you can be confident that this firm will do the job right."

I want everyone to know that Todd\'s office understands what you are going through

May 23, 2013 by Randy K.

Nobody wants to file a bankruptcy. There are so many questions and so much stress in just the mere thought of having to file bankruptcy. But when you reach that point, need questions answered, and are a bit apprehensive not to mention embarrassed to speak with someone, Wagner Law Offices are the people you want to speak with.

From the very beginning of the process which starts with a free consultation, Todd Wagner (Attorney) and Emily Nylund (Paralegal Extraordinaire!) were absolutely unbelievable with the compassion and understanding they displayed to my wife and myself throughout the entire process. They really alleviated the stress we were dealing with by painting a picture of where we were, where would be going, and how everything would turn out. We were not treated like the losers we felt like, and believe me there were a lot of tears shed early in this process.

I am writing this review 3 years after we filed our bankruptcy and foreclosure. I want everyone to know that Todd\'s office understands what you are going through and that this is not always your fault. Medical bills, loss of job, divorce or death of spouse etc. are the blows that life deals and we have to deal with.

How do you pay an attorney to help you through this when you cannot pay the bills you have? Todd Wagner Law Offices understands this also. A very affordable payment plan that worked for us was provided and enabled us to get this dark chapter in our life behind us.

Three years later, my wife and I are once again home owners with a mortgage and credit scores approaching 700 once again! Everything Todd said would happen in our plan happened and unfolded exactly like Todd said it would.

There is life after bankruptcy and that life can be really good once again. If you are struggling and don\'t know if a bankruptcy is right for you, call the Wagner Law Offices and let them help you determine what is best for you. It is ultimately your decision, but at least you will know what you are facing and the consequences accordingly. You can trust Todd and his fantastic staff to treat you like a real person and provide clarification. That alone is a big reduction in stress!

We cannot thank Todd and his staff for all of their services, providing the tissues when they were needed, and holding our hand(s) through the entire process. Today we are back on our feet and are now educated about the entire process and able to make sound financial decisions moving forward. I am so very happy to say that we are one of the Wagner Law Offices success stories. I know they don\'t hear this type of feedback very often and I am very confident that there are many many more out there.

Thank you so much Todd, Emily, and Todd\'s beautiful wife Laurie for all of the behind the scenes support and helping us to once again become a thriving member of this community. A job well done!

Must say that my one and only experience was as stress free and easy

May 23, 2013 by anonymous

Although I have never been through a bankruptcy prior to this.....I must say that my one and only experience was as stress free and easy as I could have ever hoped for. I have heard of so many horror stories about bankruptcy that my preconceived notions of almost kept me from ever doing it. I finally pulled the trigger on it and found the Wagner Law Firm in Centennial. From my initial visit to present day I was treated with respect and guided through each step in the bankruptcy by a knowledgeable and caring staff. I cannot explain how comforting it was to have everything handled in an efficient and professional matter. I barley lifted a finger as documents were drafted, explained and finally signed by me....all the while my creditors were contacted and had ceased their annoying calls and letters. I had an instance where one creditor called after the notice had been sent out and I explained who my bankruptcy attorney was and they repeatedly apologized and I never heard from them again. I could go on and on in praise of the Wagner Law Firm but let me leave you with this. The choice of using this firm ranks as one of the best decisions in my life and although bankruptcy may not be for everyone, it was indeed a very wise choice on my part and I thank the entire staff at The Wagner Law firm for all they have done for me and for everyone else that pass through their doors!!!

These guys are AMAZING!!

May 23, 2013 by Anonymous

These guys are AMAZING!! They filed my bankruptcy within three days of our first meeting and stopped my wage-garnishment immediately. They have some of the best prices and take care of EVERYTHING. If you are thinking about utilizing Wagner Law firm in your bankruptcy, think no more. These guys will make it as easy as possible. I was told by other attorneys that it would take 30 days to file and for an extra $600 they could do it in 10- that is crazy because the Wagner Law firm did it correctly in 3 days at no extra charge. They have really saved my family! Thanks Wagner Law!!!

Best experience "dreaded" bankruptcy deal

May 23, 2013 by Ellie van Breukelen

This was the best experience "dreaded" bankruptcy deal and Jesse made this experience so fantastic as everything was explaned and made so easy. I never had to worry about creditors harassing me once he contacted them and notified the creditors that he was representing me. The worry that a creditor would appear in court and make me feel even more harried than I already was did not occur and it was explained to me that this is a rare occurrence and if that did occur then they would take care of that also. All the way around this was the best thing that I have done in years and it's wonderful to know that this is behind me now and I can move forward. This is what Wagner Law firm has given me back is peace of mind and financial stability. If you ever wondered if this would be the best thing for you then contact Wagner Law Firm and have them walk you through the experience. I simply cannot express how glad I am that I used Wagner Law firm for my bankruptcy as the ease and professionalism that was displayed was beyond the norm. Thank you Jesse

Wagner Law Office PC , USA 5.0 5.0 27 27 Todd, Emily, and Andrea were very kind, professional, and great to work with! I interviewed 3 attorneys before choosing Todd and his staff to handle my bankruptcy case. Out of the