Colorado Bankruptcy Law Attorneys


Why Choose Wagner Law Office, P.C.?

Wagner Law Office, P.C. is a Denver area law firm, founded in 2007 and dedicated to helping individual and business debtors file Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Colorado.  The bankruptcy attorneys and support staff at Wagner Law Office, P.C. ensure that our clients understand what their rights and obligations are under the Bankruptcy Code.

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Why Do You File for Bankruptcy?

A person files for bankruptcy for a multitude of reasons.  Some people go from making $100,000 a year to earning less than $2,000 per month in unemployment compensation.  Some people are injured and either (a) had a drastic reduction in income or (b) incurred substantial medical bills or (c) both. » read more...


How Do I Start and Which Chapter?

The first step is to call Wagner Law Office to  schedule your free consultation with one of our bankruptcy attorneys. We will make every attempt to provide you with what you need to make a good decision. Schedule your free consultation and learn about your options in bankruptcy. » read more...

What People Think About Wagner Law Office, P.C.

“This was the best experience “dreaded” bankruptcy deal and Jesse made this experience so fantastic as everything was explained and made so easy. I never had to worry about creditors harassing me once he contacted them and notified the creditors that he was representing me.” » Read More

“These guys are AMAZING!! They filed my bankruptcy within three days of our first meeting and stopped my wage-garnishment immediately. They have some of the best prices and take care of EVERYTHING. If you are thinking about utilizing Wagner Law firm in your bankruptcy, think no more.” » Read More