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How To Choose the Best Bankruptcy Attorney in Denver: Legal Expertise

When you file for bankruptcy in Colorado, you are filing a federal case in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Colorado.  It’s something that you should consider important.  Not only should you want an attorney to represent you, you should want a caring, experienced Colorado bankruptcy attorney to represent you. What does [...]

Divorce and Bankruptcy: Early Advice is Important

There are certain areas of law that just go hand-in-hand.  Two of those are family law and bankruptcy.  Without a doubt, divorce is one of the biggest reasons for the filing of a bankruptcy in Colorado.  Together, the couple is able to make ends meet.  Separately, the two individuals cannot make ends meet.  It’s simple [...]

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Can I File Bankruptcy Again?

If you’ve already filed bankruptcy and now find yourself back in debt, you’re not alone. With the difficult economic times of today, it’s not uncommon for people who have previously filed bankruptcy to find themselves in financial difficulties again. A recurring question we hear at Wagner Law Office, P.C. is . . . can I [...]